Golfing in Pitt

Golfing in Pittsburgh is a favorite past time of all.  Of course, if you are going to go golfing you are going to need the best golfing rangefinder.  Here are some quick tips on finding the best golfing rangefinder.

  • Look at golfing rangefinder reviews.  This is the first thing I do when I start my search for a new golfing rangefinder.  You can see how your peers like the rangefinder and if they would recommend it to you.  There are countless websites devoted to this, so take your time and start browsing.
  • Ask your friends.  Your friends are also a great source of information.  See what they are using and if they like it.  Odds are if they are using a great product, they will let you test it out and see if they like it.  This is how I found the best golfing rangefinder for me.
  • Go to a pro shop.  Pro shops are a great place to start your search.  The staff at pro shops are very knowledgeable and really know what they’re doing.  Even if you don’t plan on purchasing one from here, it’s a great place to start the search.  I like this more than browsing online, because I can hold the product and see how I like it.
  • Look at what the pros are using.  Odds are, if a pro is using it, it’s the best golf rangefinder.  Pros settle for nothing but the best.  It may be hard to tell what they’re using, but if you pay attention closely, it won’t be too hard to tell.

So now that you have the basics down, it’s time to start making some decisions.  Here’s some things I like to look for before buying.

  • Magnification.  Magnification is basically the zoom percentage.  The best golf rangefinders usually have a great magnification level.  I recommend nothing lower than 4x magnification.
  • Tournament legal.  If you plan on using it in tournaments, you should check if it is allowed in tournament use.  Many of the really sophisticated ones do not allow tournament use.
  • Brand name.  The brand name of a rangefinder can tell you how good it really is.  Companies work hard to get a good name for themselves, so if a company does have a good name, odds are it is a great product and worth buying.
  • Combo usage.  Some of the best golfing rangefinders are also great for hunting.  If you like getting out in the field as much as you like golfing, this could be a very wise investment for you.

Hopefully you like this buyers guide.  If you need any tips just let me know and I will be sure to help you.

Hunting In Pitt

Hunting is a way of life to many who have grown up in Pittsburgh. We are here to be your number one in guide when it comes to hunting Pittsburgh.  We’ve got you covered from the best compound bows all the way to where in to hunt in Pittsburgh. 

Pittsburgh has some of the best hunting in the nation.  We have quite the variety when it comes to game animals.  Everything from deer to rabbits reside in the outskirts have our beautiful city.  I recommend checking out our guides, maps, and everything else our site has to offer to get a better understanding of how to successfully hunt here.

Below is a list of some of the most common game animals to hunt in the outlying areas of Pittsburgh and the bag limits.

Squirrel: 6 daily

Ruffed Grouse: 2 daily

Pheasant: 2 daily

Bobwhite Quail- 4 daily

Hares- 1 daily

Woodchucks- No limit

Porcupines- 1 daily

Turkey- 1 per year

Brown And Black Bear- 1 per year

Elk- 1 per year

Deer- 1 buck and 1 doe

Coyotes- Unlimited

A hunting license is required to take any animal, whether it be big or small game.  To take big game you must go through the draw system where it basically a lottery.  This is to prevent over killing of our precious big game species.

If drawn for a tag, deer and elk will cost you $200.  There is an additional $50 general hunting license fee on top of this.  Turkey will run you $100 and also requires the general hunting license.

If you are not hunting big game, all you need is your general hunting license.  Just remember bag limits still apply.